How to be an associate


To become an associate you must initially know which category your company fits in: as an effective or as a sponsor.

Effective associates are the companies defined as Exporters and Importers of grains and cereals, preferably soybeans and corn.

Yet sponsor associates are all holding companies and also laboratories.

After understanding the category your company fits in, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. showing your interest in receiving guidelines.


As an ANEC associate, your company has benefits, as well as recognition and active participation in the market.

Associates who join ANEC as sponsors have the right to participate actively in the establishment of Brazilian and international trade rules. Your company may appoint one or more representatives to attend meetings of ANEC´s Technical Commission, consisting of the Controlling companies and Laboratories. This Commission is responsible for creating standards that, once discussed and sanctioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and ANEC´s CCE - Comitê de Contratos Externos, become part of international trade clauses.

As an effective associate, your company will be in direct contact with major representatives in the cereal sector and will be involved with governmental entities. In this category, your company may appoint representatives to one or all of our commissions.

We gather our associates to discuss issues of interest to exporters, allowing your company to participate actively in the debates.

To learn more about the commissions, CLICK HERE



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