In order to promote the development of activities related to grains and cereals, as well as defend the interests of its associates before private and public authorities, ANEC - Associação Nacional dos Exportadores de Cereais began its history on June 22, 1965.

Today, with half a century of experience, we have 40 associated companies, being 21 effective and 19 sponsors. Among them are those qualified for being the largest and the best in Brazil and the world.

The high capacity of the management team, made up of representatives from effective associate companies, coupled with the market positioning of companies, provides greater representation of the Association with the Government.

ANEC is represented in several Councils and Chambers:

  • Consagro - Conselho do Agronegócio, Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Cosag - Conselho Superior do Agronegócio, da Fiesp – Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo.
  • Board of Directors at Fecomércio.
  • Camex - Câmara de Comércio Exterior do Ministério do Desenvolvimento.
  • Câmara de Logística, Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Câmara Temática da Soja, Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Câmara Temática do Milho, Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Câmara Temática das Culturas de Inverno, do Ministry of Agriculture.


  • Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1656
    8º andar -Conj 8 A
    Jd. Paulistano -São Paulo - SP - Brasil
  • (11) 3039-5599 | (11) 3039-5597