The members of the commissions meet only when absolutely necessary. In most cases, any problems are solved through e-mail exchange. If any representative cannot attend a meeting, it is always possible to hold a "conference call".

Commission of External Contracts

This Commission, exclusive in the sector, aims to update ANEC´s contracts. The ones who are responsible for the shipment are its participants.

Technical Commission

Also exclusive in the industry, it consists of exporting companies and the supervisory companies.

Technical expertise provided by supervisory companies is critical in establishing Classification Regulations of the exported product. The members of this commission are agronomists or chemists from the assignment area.

ANEC´s Logistics Commission

It brings together, in addition to the sector of grains and derivatives, the following sectors: sugar, cotton, meat, citrus fruit and fertilizers. The members are professionals in the logistics and/or port areas.

Legal Commission

It consists of attorneys from associate companies. Our responsible attorney for the area is Dr. Frederico Favacho.

Tax Commission

It consists of tax experts from member companies and professionals in the tax area.

Ethics Commission

It consists of representatives of the production areas, cooperatives, industry, tradings, fertilizers, pesticides and brokers.



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